Vancouver to Victoria by mistake

Rain rain and more rain. I didn’t know the sun could play hide and seek so exceptionally. 5 days!

This afternoon I finally caught a glimpse of him – he really needs to learn to come out of hiding when everyone has given up looking.

So now I realise how lucky we were to have a perfect blue sky day. Vancouver – the rainy capital of Canada.

Besides the rain putting an end to Lynn Canyon plans, I had fun exploring the city.

In particular the Aquarium – first 4D movie experience was a blast…literally. Granville Island was also cool – had the local market vibe to it, and Gastown – the oldest part of town is even equipped with a steam grandfather clock on the street.

16/11/12 – The Gastown steam clock in Vancouver
20/11/12 – Penguins! at Vancouver aquarium
20/11/12 – Jellyfish at Vancouver aquarium
20/11/12 – Sleeping python

Today I left Vancouver and my German mates behind in pursuit of Tofino, a laid back seaside town on the very west of Vancouver Island.

And here I am in Victoria, a very british city on the south of Vancouver Island. How did I end up here you might be wondering?

iPod research error.

Turns out that bus I thought was leaving at 3pm only runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday. But not to worry, I’ll make it there soon enough.

In the meantime I’ll try to get my head around these ginormous take away coffees every man and their dog can’t get enough of.

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