Vancouver first day

I made it to Vancouver!

My first day here I’ve spent exploring the downtown area. It is amazing seeing snow capped mountains full stop, but you can see them from the city! A vast inlet in the foreground, bordered by lush green flora and beyond that snowy mountains…with ski runs. Impressive.

16/11/12 – Stanley Park in the foreground and West Vancouver behind

I checked out the BC Sports Museum, and caught a glimpse of the BC Lions (gridiron) going through their paces in their newly roofed stadium – museum was really interesting but the training was boring to tell the truth.

This afternoon I faced the chilly winds on a bike tour around the Stanley Park seawall. Amazing picturesque views all round, and we even saw squirrels and raccoons in real life – not in picture books. Yes they really exist! Raccoons are like wombats crossed with a cat – fat and lazy. And squirrels are so small like a possum crossed with a hang glider.

Today was a perfect blue sky and cloudless day. Apparently we hit the jackpot cause it rains here a lot.

Some quirky Canadian observances are cars on the right hand side of the road. This is really strange! This translates to walking on the footpath. Everyone wants to walk on the right.

It also gets dark around 5 and even in the middle of the day it looks like it’s 4pm.

On top of that are the 1 cent coins, the yellow traffic lights (instead of black) and no pedestrian crossing buttons to push (it’s automatic everywhere) and there’s no sound either. And then there’s the electric buses too.

Well that’s about as much as I want to type on this little iPod and plus it’s 10pm and I need to go eat dinner. Might even catch a game of ice hockey tomorrow with one of my three German room mates.

16/11/12 – The British Columbia Lions in training
16/11/12 – The suspension bridge over to the expensive North and West Vancouver
16/11/12 – North Vancouver mountains
16/11/12 – A raccoon in Stanley Park

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