Signal Mountain summit stories

Just a cruisy six hour return hike we thought. Ouch, how that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Take a look at the mountain. Looks kinda small right? Like a big hill, no real “mountain”.

But as we found out looks can be deceiving! The trail was covered in snow so with every step we sunk and slipped backwards ever so slightly. Over a few hours and with the steepness rising we felt the mountain trying to repel us backwards.

Signal Mountain - the target for the day
Signal Mountain – the target for the day
The going was tough through the snow
The going was tough through the snow

As we climbed through the tree lined trail I couldn’t help but think how lucky we were to have such brilliant sunny weather. Yesterday the prediction was overcast and a high of 3. Just our lucky day I guess.

The views in every direction are so worth the effort
The views in every direction are so worth the effort. Just a little further Gedas!

Once we finally got above the treeline we could see the summit for the first time. Life was good and we were within reach but we also glimpsed the challenging slopes that loomed in the distance. “We’re another hour away” was Gedas’ accurate guess.

At one stage it got steep enough that I and my Lithuanian climbing buddy had to monkey it up on all four hands and feet. The going was very slow and steady all the way to the top.

Gedas and I at the summit!
Gedas and I at the summit!

Now we well and truly realised that this “big hill” was definitely a real mountain. 2300m above sea level and views in every direction. What a fabulous feeling standing a top the snowy dome. For interests sake Pyramid Mountain (the tallest one on the right) is 2750m.

After three and a half hours up and just an hour and fifty back down we both settled for a soothing hot tub and a good feed. Awesome day!

6 thoughts on “Signal Mountain summit stories”

  1. Terrrific scenery – that sky just goes on and on – BTW that bucket list should be getting smaller!

  2. So you must have spent ages walking through the trees? That might have been scary in the case of wild animals but also for losing direction? What was that like? And yes, great view and clear as day! Tough must be doing well with all those photos I guess.

    1. Yeah for sure – the walk up through the trees went on and on but the way back was fast. 3.5hrs up, 1:50 down. The path was clear as day so quite easy to follow and no dramas with any beasts.

  3. Great scenery, clear sky, looks like your trip is filled with many thrilling adventures. We never cease to be surprised 🙂

  4. Great scenery, clear skies, looks like you’re having a thrilling adventure. Your Mackay contingent are following your adventures 🙂 Love and take care xo

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