Crazy caves and crazy carpets

The last couple of days have been adventurous alright – first day spending hours trudging through knee deep snow and discovering three caves and more untouched frozen waterfalls, and the second day hiking 8km up a steep and exhausting trail, and crazy carpeting down. Pretty much just jumping on a small slippery piece of plastic and letting gravity do what it does best. So much fun!

Woo! Crazy carpets in their element
Woo! Tim shows us how crazy carpeting is done – with the face to match.

The ice canyon was pristine, untouched and even un-named. Very few people know about this place which makes it so much more exciting to explore. Donny and I actually didn’t even go there to find caves, but we certainly got lucky. After a couple of kilometres of tiring work hiking along the very much snow covered frozen river we arrived at the start of the canyon.

It was really awesome watching the canyon slowly form until we were surrounded by these marvelous  8 metre high chiseled walls and every now and then another waterfall frozen in time. No other human footprints were around, just the odd animal tracks – most likely Elk.

First glimpse of this cave
First glimpse of this awesome cave

It was then we came across our first and most impressive cave. Certainly was very exciting seeing this image come into view. The cave roof inside was at least ten metres tall and had two natural skylights. Very nice.

There's me in the entrance
There’s me in the entrance

The second cave was quite mystical, being located above a frozen waterfall and proved quite hard to access. However this one was ice plugged right at the start but just check out it’s location in the picture below!

See the second cave
See the second cave at the top right?

The third cave was cut into the face of the canyon wall and while easy to get to we didn’t really check it out. It was time to make the steep climb back out to the road and find the car.

Just one of the splendid views encountered while trying to find a way across to the other side

In the words of Tim, the crazy carpeting day was “so amazing” even though we didn’t reach the Palisades viewpoint we set out for. After 8km and still 3.5km to go the snow became so deep that without snowshoes we had to turn back. But we came prepared and had a ball on the way home. I’d say we reached speeds of about 30km/h and made it back in half the time plus half the effort!

Tim and I now loving these once leg burning slopes

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