My Adventure List

As I write this it’s the end of September 2013 in Canada. The end of summer…a summer that was filled with so many great adventurous trips – but they didn’t just happen by luck.

Not at all – they happened because two months ago I wrote out a list of 10 trips I wanted to do before summer was out, and in a few days time I will cross off that 10th item.

This got me thinking that life itself is like one big extended summer. It doesn’t last forever, and time flies by at lightning speeds.

If I want to achieve the things I want to achieve in life then it only makes sense…I need to write them out and work at them one by one.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

This list is not set in stone. Over time everyone’s desires, needs and wants change and so too will this list. It will be added to and sometimes subtracted from. It’s pointless to pursue something that was important once but is not anymore.

A trip to the Tonquin.
A trip to the Tonquin this summer was one of the ten


  1. Ride up a Tour de France mountain   Completed July 2013. Alpe d’Huez and Galibier.
  2. Sleep on top of a mountain.   Completed Sep 2013. Whistlers Mtn, Jasper. Canada.
  3. Swim in Moraine Lake, Canada.   Completed Aug 2013.
  4. Shoot a gun.   Completed Dec 2012 on a cattle ranch near Calgary.
  5. See the midnight sun.   Completed June 2013, Iceland.
  6. Go to a live standup comedy show.   Completed Aug 2012.
  7. Go snorkelling between two tectonic plates.   Completed June 2013, Iceland.
  8. Hike across the Grand Canyon, USA.   Completed May 2013.
  9. Play poker in Las Vegas, USA   Completed May 2013 (Bonus I won $70 too)
  10. Go whitewater rafting.   Completed Aug 2013.
  11. Go surfing.   Completed Oct 2012.
  12. Go scuba diving over a shipwreck.
  13. Swim with whale sharks.
  14. Hike the Kalalau coastal trail in Hawaii.   Completed Nov 2013.
  15. Play tennis on the clay courts of Monte Carlo, Monaco.
  16. Build a proper igloo from ice blocks.
  17. Compete in a one to two day adventure race involving trekking, biking, kayaking.
  18. Compete in a 24 hour mountain bike event – solo.
  19. Compete in a triathlon.
  20. Run 10km in sub 40 minutes (Current best 44:45)
  21. Score 50 runs in an official cricket match.   Completed Feb 2014.
  22. Score 100 runs in an official cricket match.
  23. Hit a 6 in an official cricket match.   Completed Jan 2014.
  24. Go skydiving.    Completed Dec 2014.
  25. See the northern lights.   Completed Oct 2013.
  26. Stand beneath the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  27. Meet my favourite photographic author, George Brybycin. 50 books published of the Canadian Rockies.   Completed Oct 2013.
  28. Go to a yoga class.
  29. Meditate with a buddist monk on a mountain.
  30. Dress up like Mario or Luigi and ride a scooter around a city (the looks on people’s faces…)
Midnight sun on 20 June 2013
Midnight sun on 20 June 2013


  1. Climb Mt Blanc, France. The tallest in western Europe 4810m.  Completed July 2013
  2. Travel around the world solo.   Completed 2012/13
  3. Cycle tour through New Zealand.    Completed Nov, Dec 2014 and Jan 2015
  4. Do something even bigger than cycling New Zealand.
  5. Volunteer for one month in Africa.
  6. Live like a local for one month, not in a first world country.
  7. Climb Mt Aconcagua, Argentina. The tallest in South America 6962m.
  8. Explore the Australian outback.
  9. Walk the 96km Kokoda trail, Papua New Guinea.
  10. Do something that pushes me so far, so hard, that I breakdown emotionally (with tears) and then pull through!
Mt Blanc summit
Mt Blanc summit


  1. Formula 1 race.   Completed June 2013 in Montreal, Canada.
  2. Tour de France.   Completed July 2013. Alpe d’Huez and Champs Elysees stages.
  3. Wimbledon.   Completed July 2013.
  4. Olympic Games.
  5. Music concert.
  6. La Tomatina, Spain.
  7. A soccer (or “football”) game in South America
At the Irish corner on Alpe d'Huez, Tour de France.
At the Irish corner on Alpe d’Huez, Tour de France.


  1. Write a book.   Completed Jan 2014.
  2. Get my book published.
  3. Help someone else achieve their dream in life.

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