About Me


Hello to wherever in the world you are reading this from, and thanks for visiting my site.

I personally welcome you to my blog, Adventurous Trips.

I’m Dan, a 22 year old engineering student from Brisbane, Australia with a keen sense for adventure.

I love travelling, exploring the outdoors, climbing mountains, camping and backpacking trips, roadtrips, cycling, touch footy, tennis and generally keeping fit.

In November 2012 I said my goodbyes and took off for a year to travel the world, explore new places and have new experiences. It was the first time I had officially “moved out” and it was a truly awesome decision.

I went to Canada (in particular the Canadian Rockies), the USA, Iceland, England, France and Germany, and the whole time I kept recording my adventures on this blog.

It took commitment to keep this up and I didn’t always feel like writing up a post, but it has been really worth it to be able to look back on such great times. Now I love blogging and will keep it up. Stay tuned.

I really hope that this vast collection of information helps you out in some way, gives you ideas for your travels and inspires you to pursue your dreams.

And don’t be shy. Join in and comment on my posts.

If you’d like to contact me or have any questions please click here

Cheers, Dan

8 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Wow looks pretty stunning along the coast in Hawaii! I was going to stop over in Hawaii on my way to Canada but that plan fell through 😦 Did you do the hike in two days?

  1. I have visited 29 of 50 US states. Born & raised in New England, I now live in Oregon. I noticed that you’re from Vancouver? You have to make it down to the PNW – I’m sure it doesn’t quite compare to Vancouver BC but there’s such a vast landscape with anything you want within a day’s drive – ocean, mountains, lakes, rivers, desert.. you name it, it’s here. But you have to check out Vermont in the summer and New Hampshire in the fall and most definitely Lake Placid, New York any time of the year! PS. What is touch footy?

    1. wow you’ve seen a lot of the US. I’m actually going on a US road trip in May and will be passing through Oregon on the way down to LA, then all the way back to eastern Canada. I’m eyeing off Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion and Arches National parks. Got any other great places along the way? I’m from Brisbane, Australia in fact, just visited Vancouver for a bit. and touch footy is like rugby but played on half field, instead of tackling someone you just have to touch them and there’s no kicking. Really fast game!

  2. Nice blog. You’ll have to come home and explore Australia too :-). Look forward to the next instalment

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