Tofino surfing success


Tofino is without a doubt my favourite  place so far. It’s a really small laid back seaside town with only one road in and out. It feels like a well kept secret.

The surfers here are nuts about surfing – they’ll go surfing all day everyday if they can – or go out in the morning, break for lunch, then back out in the afternoon.

23/11/12 – Stunning Tofino, BC Canada. The Tonquin trail lookout.
23/11/12 – The Tonguin trail in Tofino, BC

I achieved a goal – I stood up on a surfboard and caught a wave! Yay.

Something that I couldn’t do on my attempt back home. It was so much fun – even when the water temperature was 7 degrees. A thick wetsuit with hoodie, boots and gloves works wonders. Even caught some waves!

24/11/12 – Surfing Chestermans Beach, Tofino

The Schooner Cove trail was well worth the 30km round trip bike ride

And the ferry trip from Nanaimo back to Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver wasn’t too bad either.

27/11/12 – Looking back towards Vancouver Island at 4pm

Now I’m in Calgary on a cattle farming ranch. Today it was -10 degrees! I’ll post some pictures up in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Tofino surfing success”

  1. Hi Dan
    Tofino looks am-aa-zing, the waves don’t look that big though, or was it the photo you took? Anyway it’s the experience that counts! You are enjoying the full Canadian experience visiting a ranch, being a cowboy and then off to the snow. Family told us you bought a car, take care on the slippery roads. Photos are brilliant, keep them coming.

    1. Hi the waves weren’t too big at that time but they do actually get pretty decent. 6 feet or so. But those small waves were good for me. I’m not an expert just yet 🙂

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