“Moose”ing about

What an awesome experience! Just me and a moose in an up close and personal encounter for nearly half an hour.

Here’s how the story unfolded…

I went for a drive to Spray Lakes in search of a “photogenic” sunset. What? No sun? The sun didn’t come out at all. Oh well I thought – another day.

Then as I was walking back to the car I spotted a prime “car photo” opportunity. So I jumped in and moved around into perfect position – wheels turned and all.

Camera in hand, I jumped out and started running down the snow covered road for the photo. “Woah”! I stopped in my tracks. Something big, brown and tall about 100 metres away.

A moose! It’s elongated horse-like head gave it away straight up. What else did I see? No antlers. Mrs Moose.

I scurried back to the car pretty quick though I can tell you that. My first thought was I can drive up and get a photo out the window. But then I remembered what Damien had told me.

So I stayed in the car, windows up, just a tad anxious as it was coming.

12/12/12 - I see it approaching!
12/12/12 – It’s coming!

Next thing I know I’ve got a big moose licking the boot. I can see it in the rearview. Yep Damien was right! Moose love licking cars. Random I know but I’ve since found out it’s for the salt.

I figured what could possibly go wrong… so cautiously opened my door and hopped out. As I moved around the car to get a photo so did she. Always one eye on me and one tongue on the car.

12/12/12 - Huh?
12/12/12 – Big alright hey. See where she’s licked already?

She was a peaceful giant though, if I moved towards her she would back off and run away. Then slowly and carefully amble back to the (unbeknownst to me) astronomic salt supply. But as you can see I got really close, only a metre or two away. Amazing stuff.

12/12/12 - Just me and a moose
12/12/12 – Just me and a moose
12/12/12 - Compare the pair
12/12/12 – Compare the pair

9 thoughts on ““Moose”ing about”

  1. At first I thought- yesh right , it’s all photo shopped. As if a moose is going to lick your car.

    But then I realised it must be fair dinkum.

    The give away is the moose walking towards you on the road.

    It’s on the right hand side, so it must be in Canada.

    By the way, just because there’s no white lines on the road does not mean you can park sideways anytime you feel like it !

    Nice car BTW – what is it?

  2. That’s crazy! The moose is as tall as the cars rooftop. Were you scared to step outside and open the door when the moose was right there. I mean… it would have been so much easier to just chill in the car and look at it that way. Anyway, well done for experiencing Canadian wildlife. How was Spray Lakes anyway? It sounds as if the moose encounter was more exciting than the lake sunset!

    1. Yeah it was pretty crazy but I had to get a photo or else you wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing this wondrous post. Definitely the highlight of the day for sure.

  3. What a fantastic experience Daniel. You will never forget Mrs Moose. Thank goodness she didn’t catch you having a toilet break behind a tree. Would be good to carry some salt & sprinkle over the snow – you would get the whole family on board! Have you seen any bears up close?

  4. Yeah it was quite the experience! I was in Canmore for 5 or 6 days but right now I’m in Golden, BC on my way to Jasper so I can do the Maligne Canyon ice walk. I accidently came to Golden – missed my turnoff! I’m looking for work in the ski fields so figured I should get to Jasper while I can. No bears yet Mike but I stood on a frozen Lake Louise today.

    1. Good luck at Jasper. No doubt your thermals are getting good use. Extreme weather phenomenons across the globe at the moment confirm what 95% of the experts have been saying about global warming. Hopefully we are all still here after 21st December…….

  5. Hi Dan,
    I like all your photos – but the one I liked best was of you in the snow in the buffalo suit in the snow – a terrific photo and you look so happy to be cold. Great shot of John, Madonna and yourself too. Keep up the good camera work. I am really pleased the moose wasn’t a big brown bear. Love Nanny.

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