Polar Bear Dip

Clearly I’m a sucker for the cold stuff, and what better way to top sleeping in an igloo than jumping into a frozen lake in the middle of winter in Canada when the air temperature is -8 degrees.

Funnily enough this was actually an organised event part of the Jasper in January festival all in aid of raising money for Canadian Diabetes…this was the fourth annual Polar Bear Dip at Patricia Lake, Jasper.

I definitely had a few butterflies on the drive to the lake. My housemate Jackie came down to watch us lunatics jump into icy water and captured awesome shots of my jump. Have a look at how the sequence of events unfolded….with particular notice to my facial expressions. Priceless!


Calm and collected
Calm and collected on the start line
Running up its all about the face of concentration
Running up its all about the face of concentration
Brace yourself for hypothermic temperature
Brace yourself for hypothermic temperatures
Just one more step
C’mon just a bit higher
Mission accomplished
Mission accomplished

Woah, what a buzz. The water took your breath away alright, then straight out.

Heaps of people came down to witness this monumental occasion and dozens of jumpers had already taken their leap of faith before I did.

The most scary part was not being able to feel my frozen feet for a good 5-10 minutes. In past years the ice around the hole was dry and solid, but this year it was all slushy, because of a few warmer than average days leading up to the Dip.

So needless to say standing in freezing water for several minutes isn’t recommended – but shoes most definitely are. Good thing they had a heated tent post jump.

What a cool experience for a winters day hey!

3 thoughts on “Polar Bear Dip”

  1. So you’re saying it is better to wear shoes into the water? Are you?

    Doesn’t sound logical, but eh? Learn from mistakes.

  2. You are certainly up for a challenge, glad it’s you and I can stay here nice and warm, but well done, good on you and “What’s next”!!

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