“You know your holiday is close when…”

It’s only hit me in the last couple of days how close my trip actually is, and it got me thinking…

You know your holiday is close when…

  • You start seeing people for what you know will be the last time before you leave
  • You think “where will I be in a week today?”
  • You can’t sleep
  • You wear that favourite shirt for the last time
  • The necessity for you to be at home slowly disappears
  • You write a list of “things to pack”
  • Your finishing up your last assignment for the semester
  • What are the tell tale signs for you?

One thought on ““You know your holiday is close when…””

  1. Only 5 days for that little WRX to get it’s new Master and Commander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going to miss you being around Dan – but it’s an awe inspiring feeling to have all points of the compass open to you and I understand you need to go and break free.

    Just keep navigating ahead all the time – think ahead and you should be clear of all the rocks.

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