First time surfing…help

03/11/2012 – Matt catching a wave at The Spit, Goldcoast QLD

You know how you catch glimpses of pro surfers on the news, “that looks easy enough” you think – or at least I did. Well wasn’t I in for a bit of a shock.

No it’s not “easy enough”. What was I thinking? It’s not even “easy enough” to stay on your board while laying down paddling, let alone sitting up waiting for “the one”.

And standing up? Well forget it. It ain’t happening. Not for me and not now!

Do I sound frustrated? Not at one with those annoying things called “waves”? Well you’d be right.

But I’ll be back, don’t worry about that “wave”. I will stand on top of you and look down on you some day so be ready!

I guess surfing is like learning to do anything for the first time though. Like riding a bike, or skiing, or driving. It’s hard at first but in time it all becomes second nature and you think it’s “easy enough”.

I used to skateboard and picked up snowboarding pretty quick so I thought I might catch on in an hour…give me a longboard and I’ll be set. (Oh yeah I was set – fast forward to my first surf in Canada here)

Thanks for the day out Matt, next time we’ll get me going.

5 thoughts on “First time surfing…help”

  1. You’re not the only one, I didn’t think it was going to be easy but boy is it hard. I tried it in the UK, several times, every summer for about 8 years and can now stand up and then quite frequently fall off. I chicken out of big waves and don’t go enough to get consistent but I will get it one day. All I want to do is stand up, cruise along a beautiful peeling wave, walk to the end and hang 5 or 10 before I die, that would be soooo sweet. A longboard is top of my list to Santa so fingers crossed.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂 glad you did cos I found yours.

    1. Good on you for standing up at least. It’s a bit of a mission.
      Well maybe if you’ve been good a longboard is on it’s way 🙂
      Oh wow, I just googled “Hang 10”. How is that even possible to do that without nose diving, and getting a mouthful of water?

  2. Dan
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I can see where you might find surfing a challenge. It looks a lot more intimidating that it was on that day in Costa Rica. All the best.

  3. I never did find the nerve to ride a surf board and I’m too old now to try – too many bits of me might break!
    I’m content riding my boogie board at Mooloolaba. That’s as adventurous as I’m gonna get!
    Keep on keeping on and you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Have fun in Canada!

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