Mount Mee – arrr the country air

I love getting out of the hustle and bustle of city life, especially on my bike. There’s something about the wind in your face, the endless rolling hills, distant blue mountains, and ummm the ever increasing aching in your legs. So invigorating!

I rode (cycled) from Samford through Dayboro and up to the small township of Mount Mee today. 96km return with a solid 7km climb at 5%. I know, a car would have made that climb a whole lot easier but I love the challenge of getting to the top and pushing my body!

I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the length of the climb but it turned out to be easier than expected – 5% was flat enough to settle into a good rythym.

All in all it was a good adventurous day! Even got caught in a storm for the last 10km and managed to puncture only 5km from my car.

If you haven’t been to Mt Mee I would definitely recommend it as a great day trip. Pack a picnic lunch and make friends with the cows – or if you’re slightly mad like me try riding up it.

To see my absolute two favourite pics of the day click here – Only the best photos.

One thought on “Mount Mee – arrr the country air”

  1. Daniel, I really like this post. It is genuine and gets me in a relaxed zone. It has a cool vibe about it. One of my favourites. Short, sweet and to the point.

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